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FTA Set Top Box & Satellite Equipment Supply & Repair

Supply, Flashing, Recovery & Install of all common manufacturers including but not limited to
Allgemeine Image Informationen, Air Digital, Amiko, AX (Powered by Opticum), AXAS, AzBox, Beyonwiz, DreamMultimedia, Edision, EVO, Formuler, Fulun, Galaxy Innovations, GigaBlue, Golder Interstar, Golden Media, HDBOX, IQON, Medi@Link IXUSS, MEGASAT, Miraclebox, MixOS EBox, MK Digital, Mut@nt, OCTAGON, Odin, Optimum, Protek, Red Eagle, relook, Roxxs, SAB, Sejam, Sogno, Space, SPYCAT, Technomate, Telestar, T-rex, Venton Unibox, Vizyon, VU+, WETEK, World Vision, XSARIOUS & Etrend.

IP CCTV Monitoring

IP CCTV Monitoring

Data & Telephone Cabling Services

Network Cabling, Optical Fibre, Wireless Networking, Building Services, CCTV IP & Analogue, Door Access Control, Electrical, PA Systems, Smart Home AV Setup.

Games Console Diagnose & Repair

We repair all faults for the Microsoft XBox, Xbox 360, XBox 1, Sony Playstation 2/3/4 Series & PSP, Nintendo Wii & DS, Gamecube, Apple IPod & Iphone faults using in house professional equipment in a dust free environment with a collection & return service offered.

Hardware & Software Reverse Engineering

Hardware & Software Reverse Engineering, IO Patching & Replacement, Customer JTAG, Boundary Scanning IEEE Standard 1149.1 DP, 1149.4 AP & 1149.6 AC-c DP, Logic Analyzation, Dongle Software Emulation service for HardLock, HASP, HASP4, Deskey, DesLock, Eutron, Proteq, Sentinel, Wibu & others.

Network Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Web Appication Testing, Wireless Testing, AET Readiness Testing, Vertual Security Team Support, ISO27001 & ISO22301 Consulting, Project Management & Bespoke Training.

PC Forensics & Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services include Hard Drive Recovery, Server & Raid Recovery, Tape Recovery, Solid State Media, Memory Card Recovery, Optical Media, File System Recovery, Operating System Recovery.
Computer Forensics services covering all major operating systems including Mobile Phone Forensics.

Bespoke Lunux & Windows Servers

Centralisation of Business Data, Consultation of Suitable Server Solutions, Customer Data Backup Email File & Network Server, Custom Built Performance PC’s, Linux-based SME Operating Systems (huge savings on software licence costs).

PC System Supply, Build & Repair

Custom build PC’s built to our budget, contact us and we will work through your needs and requirements. Whether it be simple case modifications or custom build Performance gaming PC’s we had the knowledge to supply the best hardware at the best prices.

CCTV Design Supply & Installation

CCTV Equipment Supply, Install, Maintenance & Repair, Covert System Solutions, EPOS Data System Support, Gate Automation, Access Control & Remote Monitoring Services.

NAS Cloud Backup & Storage Solutions

Our consultants are also happy to perform health-checks and troubleshooting on your existing network storage systems and can offer Assessment & Planning, Architecture Design, Deployment & Optimization.

Broadband 3G/4G LTE & Satellite Connectivity

We can provide or hire immediate connectivity solutions where conventional methods are not available or when rapid communication is required using 3G, 4G LTE and Satellite connectivity suitable for CCTV, Alarm Access Control & Automation situations.

Email & Internet Solutions

Website Design, Domain Names, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Solutions, Broadband & Networks Solutions.

Database Design Build & Implementation

Cross platform development allows us to create systems which will work on Windows, Android and iOS. Data can be either held onsite or we could host the data giving you access from any device wherever you are.

Network Solutions & Installation

Installation of Data Cabling, Ethernet & Fibre, Electric, Automation, & Data Cable Health Check Services
Electric Cabling Services also available with our approved NICEIC certified electricians.


Our team are experienced, dedicated and highly motivated. They have the skills and knowledge required to help you find the answer that you’re looking for.

Review Some Facts About Us

About Us

The Paradox Group provides a range of IT solutions and a comprehensive range of services from Business Critical Support to Infrastructure and Hosted Solutions backed by our responsive Helpdesk Facility offering a comprehensive external IT Support solution.

We know that confidence is a huge issue for clients, so we aim to prove that you can trust us, at every stage of your IT Management and Support.

We work with small, medium and large businesses throughout the UK, delivering cost effective and proven Business Solutions to support established and growing businesses, increasing their overall profitability.

Our friendly, expert IT Consultants will support you with all your IT requirements, offering you guidance and advice to assist in the daily management of your IT infrastructure.

Our Helpdesk and Knowledgebase are always on hand and available to help with any IT questions, queries or problems.

The Paradox Group will work with your company to create an IT infrastructure, which will seamlessly deliver high performance technology for your company.

Your IT underpins your business operations and communications, making it a vital ingredient in the success of managing your company and people effectively.

We can provide a full free IT audit to determine exactly how to strengthen your infrastructure and plan for future growth and development, by aligning all your IT with your business strategy.

Our experienced and qualified consultants can support you in your IT investment, making sure you gain the maximum return from your hardware or software.